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All Power Battery is a privately owned company that manufactures and distributes quality valve regulated sealed lead acid batteries for commercial applications under our BATTERY/2000 logo. At our ISO-9002 certified production facility we manufacture using computerized filling machines, virgin lead, high quality separators and heavy-duty calcium allow grids to ensure both quality and consistency in all BATTERY/ 2000 products. Our production personnel and engineers consist of experienced people from some of the oldest battery manufactures in the world implementing modern production techniques that allows us to offer our customers “professional batteries for professional people”.

The future for All Power Battery is to continue upgrading the performance and service life of our batteries. Our company mission is simply to; manufacture quality batteries at an economical price, meet all customer delivery schedules, continue upgrading our product quality, and offer unsurpassed service to our customers. At our warehouse the motto is; “there is no such thing as no or can’t when it comes to our customer’s needs”.


As a manufacturer we are constantly seeking new clients both from the North American and global markets. We welcome and encourage your inquiries for technical assistance, delivery, pricing, or other questions you may need answered. We are proud to offer an extensive product assortment comparable to any major manufacturer in the world, and we will guarantee both competitive pricing and on time deliveries. Our job is to help our customers achieve their goals and we guarantee satisfaction.

John Gettings